Saturday, May 30, 2009

Vegetarian Sushi

Sushi is a very good party starter/appetizer.Its simple to make and healthy too.I am sharing my husband's recipe here:

Sushi rice 1/2 cup
Rice vinegar 1 tbsp
Pickled sushi ginger slices
Wasabi paste
Thinly sliced avocado 1/2 cup
Thinly sliced carrot 1/4 cup
Red bell pepper 1/4 cup
Nori sheets
Water 1 cup
Bamboo placemat

Cook the sushi rice with 1 cup of water and add rice vinegar.
To assemble, lay a nori sheet shiny side down on a bamboo placemat and spread out cooked rice up to one half of the sheet, so that rolling of the sheet will be easier. Press the cooked rice gently on the nori sheet. Wet your hands with water if necessary to avoid stickyness.Leave a space of about 2 inches from the rice and (in the middle of the rice)place the sliced avacado,red bell pepper, carrot and start rolling tightly along with the bamboo placemat. Remove the bamboo placemat.Now it appears like a log. Slice into 1 inch thickness or according to your requirement. Apply a teeny tiny bit of wasabi paste on each sushi piece and add thinly sliced sushi ginger on top.Voila and your sushi is ready.

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